Programmes explicitly growing skills for learning, employment and life.

EduSkills Programme

We all know that we perform better when we feel save, are seen for who we are, and when work is presented in such way that it makes sense. Based on our understanding of your child, we will create an individualized programme, comprising of a balance between schoolwork, life skills and TheraEd activities. The portions ascribed to these activities (schoolwork, life skills and TheraEd activities) will greatly depend on your child’s age, personality, interests, innate ability and developmental level.

We use ASDAN short courses as part of our EduSkills programme. These courses are flexible and accessible curriculum programmes that offer a nationally recognised certificate for a wide range of activities and subject areas. Learners work through their chosen Short Course, completing challenges and collecting a portfolio of evidence to show what they have done.

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These programmes allow learners to develop the following skills:

  • Teamwork: This skill is about how you work with others when planning and carrying out and achieving shared goals.
  • Learning: This skill is about learning something new or doing something better. It is about planning and working towards targets to improve your performance and reviewing your progress.
  • Coping with problems: This skill is about recognising problems and doing something about them. It is about using different methods to find a solution and checking to see if they work.
  • Use of Maths: This skill is about applying your number skills straightforward tasks, doing calculations, interpreting results and presenting findings.
  • Use of English: This skill is about communicating and obtaining information.
  • Use of IT: This skill is about how to use information technology for different purposes.

All our lessons are prepared using the above mentioned skills. (as per ASDAN requirements)

NOTE  – EduExcellence Skills Centres will offer a selection of these courses – please check with your campus for the specifics.