Healthy Meals

It's all about making the right choices!

Diet and nutritional Needs

One of the cornerstones of the TheraEd Approach is our understanding of the role of food and nutrition in brain development, general growth, concentration as well as mood and emotions.

By providing a healthy breakfast and a well-balanced, low Gi lunch we know that we are actively assisting our learners to have the correct nutritional foundation on which learning and development can take place.

Lunchbox support and a healthy tuck-shop form part of our Nutrition Policy.

As a no-sugar zone, we are one of the first schools to actively encourage parents to look at the role of sugar and to assist them to find alternatives. Education about optimal nutrition is vitally important and educational talks are part of our parent support plan.

Summer Menu Examples

MondayTandoori chicken kebabs with rice
TuesdayMeatballs, potato wedges with veg
WednesdayWholewheat Macaroni Bacon & Cheese with salad
ThursdayChicken on wholewheat wrap with salad
FridaySavoury pancakes
MondayTuna Pasta
TuesdayChicken a la King bake on brown rice
WednesdayCottage pie, green beans + carrots
ThursdayRoast chicken pieces and roast veg
FridaySpaghetti Bolognaise with peas/butternut
MondayChicken and vegetable stir fry
TuesdayFishcakes, potato wedges + salad
WednesdayHamburger Pie with carrot salad
ThursdayChicken breast with gracy,rice + seasonal veg
FridayBacon and Spinach Quiche and fruit slices
MondayBeef sausage with mash potato and gravy
TuesdayBacon quiche with fruit
WednesdayChilli con carne cottage pie with butternut mash
ThursdayChicken Salad
FridayTuna Pasta with vegetable sticks

Winter Menu Examples

MondayChicken sesame kebabs with seasonal veg
TuesdayButternut Soup
WednesdayChicken on whole-wheat wrap with vegetables/salad
ThursdayWhole-wheat macaroni bacon & cheese with vegetables
FridayMince filled pancakes
MondayMince curry on Basmati rice
TuesdayMinestrone Soup
WednesdayRoast chicken pieces and roast veg
ThursdayCottage pie, green beans + carrots
FridayChicken and Broccoli bake on brown rice
MondayChicken and Vegetable Stir Fry
TuesdayButternut Soup
WednesdayFish cakes, potato wedges and salad.
ThursdayChicken breast on rice with gravy and winter veg
FridayChilli con carne cottage pie with butternut mash
MondayChicken a la King on brown rice with veg
TuesdayMinestrone Soupt
WednesdayHamburger Pie with Carrot and Pineapple salad
ThursdayChicken Breast on mash potato, homemade tomato sauce and veg
FridayMeatballs with potato wedges and veg
Healthy meals are served at EduExcellence