How To Join

We have a 5 step enrolment process.

We take enrolments any time throughout the year.

Step 1 - Come for a coffee and a chat with us!

If you feel that EduExcellence might offer your child the educational environment to help them thrive then click on the orange coffee and a chat button above.

You can then choose a convenient time to come and talk to our admission staff and visit the campus. This is a ‘no obligation, no fee’ opportunity ask questions and help us align our mutual expectations.

Step 2 - Complete our Application Form & Questionnaire

The next step is to complete our online Application Form and detailed EduExcellence Questionnaire about your child.

The questionnaire must be completed before the enrolment process can continue.

You will receive links to the forms via email.

Step 3 - Book an Assessment & school visit

Upon submission of the Questionnaire you will receive a link to book an Assessment at a date that is convenient to you. The Assessment will coincide with a 3-day visit to the campus.

The purpose of the visit is:

  • allow your child an opportunity to experience our educational environment
  • allow our qualified staff to assess your child to see if what we offer can help your child thrive

Step 4 - We will set up a feedback meeting

Shortly after the visit has been concluded you will be contacted to arrange a suitable date and time for a feedback session with the Principal, Teacher and Therapeutic Staff.

The purpose of the feedback session is to:

  • explain to parents, in detail, what our assessment has revealed and allow parents to ask questions about our planned approach
  • determine if EduExcellence is a suitable environment for your child and to offer alternatives if this is not the case
  • proceed with the Enrolment Agreement

Step 5 - Enrolment

The final step is to complete our Enrolment and Financial Agreements. Upon receipt of the enrolment fees the process will be concluded.

Each campus has a dedicated Admissions Office that will assist you throughout the enrolment process and answer any questions you might have.

Please note that the duration of a typical enrolment process is approximately 2 weeks and will depend largely on how quickly parents can complete the required forms or arrange suitable dates for the visit and feedback sessions.

Are you ready to find out how we can help your child be happy and thrive?